Ariana Grande criticized for expressing interest in dining with Jeffrey Dahmer: ‘Disgusting’

Ariana Grande is under fire for her controversial comments about serial killers, specifically expressing interest in having dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer. During an appearance on the Podcrushed podcast with hosts Penn Badgley, Sophie Ansari, and Nava Kavelin, Grande revealed her past “infatuation” with serial killers, claiming that Dahmer was particularly fascinating to her.

The singer recounted a moment from her youth when asked the hypothetical question of who she would like to have dinner with, living or dead. Grande shockingly replied with Dahmer’s name, sparking outrage and criticism from listeners. Despite Dahmer’s violent crimes, including the murder and dismemberment of 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991, Grande expressed a desire to meet him and ask him questions.

The reaction to Grande’s comments has been overwhelmingly negative, with many calling her out for glorifying a heinous criminal. Comments on social media platforms like Reddit and YouTube condemned her remarks as “vile” and “offensive to the victims’ families.” Critics stress the importance of not romanticizing or trivializing the actions of individuals like Dahmer, highlighting the lasting impact on those affected by his crimes.

It is essential to remember the gravity of such discussions and the responsibility celebrities carry in shaping public perceptions of violent individuals. Overall, this controversy serves as a reminder of the importance of careful and respectful dialogue surrounding sensitive topics like true crime and criminal behavior.

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