Bajaj Chetak Variants: Premium, Urbane, and 2901 – An In-Depth Look

Bajaj has expanded its Chetak e-scooter lineup with the introduction of a new entry-level variant known as the Chetak 2901. This brings the total number of variants available to three – the 2901, Urbane, and Premium. Each variant offers unique features that cater to different preferences and needs.

Differences in battery capacity, range, and charging time set the three variants apart. The Chetak 2901 boasts a smaller 2.88kWh battery but offers a 123km claimed range, surpassing the mid-spec Urbane variant with a 113km range. Despite having a larger 3.2kWh battery, the Premium variant only has a slightly longer range of 126km. Interestingly, the 2901’s lower top speed of 63kph actually enables it to achieve more mileage compared to the other variants.

In terms of features and top speed, the Chetak 2901 and Urbane models come equipped with a color LCD dash, with the former having ‘Limited’ connectivity and the latter featuring ‘Full’ connectivity. The Premium variant stands out with a color TFT display that offers navigation prompts and notification alerts when paired with the Chetak app. Additionally, the optional TecPac accessory enhances functionality and connectivity options, available at different prices for each variant.

Each variant also has its own unique characteristics, such as top speed, body material, keyless ignition, brake system, color options, and pricing. The Chetak 2901, being the entry-level model, is attractively priced at Rs 95,998, offering an affordable option for those looking to own an electric scooter. In comparison, the Urbane and Premium variants cater to customers seeking more advanced features and styling options.

Overall, Bajaj’s Chetak e-scooter lineup provides a diverse range of choices for customers looking to transition to electric mobility. With a blend of performance, features, and pricing, the Chetak variants offer something for everyone in the market for an eco-friendly and stylish two-wheeler.

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