Bgauss RUV 350: Review, Price Reveal, Launch – Introduction

The BGauss RUV 350 is a standout e-scooter from the lesser-known Pune-based electric scooter company BGauss. Despite not being a household name, BGauss consistently ranks among the top 7 in terms of monthly sales figures. The RUV 350, unlike its Chinese-sourced predecessors, is proudly made in India.

The design of the RUV 350 is unconventional and eye-catching, with large 16-inch wheels, a motorcycle-like telescopic fork, and monoshock. This gives it a unique appearance reminiscent of step-through scooters commonly seen in Asian cities. The scooter is available in four vibrant colors, with brightly painted wheels in all but one option.

Despite its unique design, the RUV 350 offers a decent set of features. It is equipped with a new ‘InWheel Hyperdrive’ motor, replacing the hub motor found in the discontinued BGauss D15. The scooter features a 5-inch TFT display with two viewing modes and connectivity options for a smartphone through BGauss’ app.

In terms of performance, the RUV 350 is powered by a 3kWh LFP battery with a claimed real-world range of 120km. Charging the battery with the standard 500W charger takes around 6hr50min, but faster charger options are expected to be available. The scooter offers three riding modes – Sport, Ride & Eco – and features like hill hold, cruise control, and vehicle fall-safe.

When it comes to handling, the RUV 350 offers a comfortable riding experience thanks to its spacious, well-padded seat and neutral rider’s triangle. However, the scooter’s performance might not be as impressive as some of its competitors, especially in terms of acceleration and braking. The RUV’s 16-inch wheels offer stability but sacrifice some agility compared to other scooters.

Overall, the BGauss RUV 350 is a quirky offering with unique strengths, such as its spacious design and plush ride quality. However, with a price tag of Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune) for the top-spec RUV 350 Max, it faces tough competition from established brands like Ather and TVS. The lower-priced variants may offer better value for money, but BGauss needs to address issues like weak brakes and glitchy electronics to compete effectively in the market.

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