Big B Allegedly Skips Sonakshi Sinha’s Wedding Over Feud with Shatrughan Sinha: Actor Hinted at Past Rivalry

Did Big B skip Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding due to rivalry with Shatrughan Sinha? ‘Khamosh’ actor once said, ‘He had a problem with my…’
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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal tied the knot on 23rd June and while their beautiful pictures from the special moment has taken all over the internet, a fringe organisation called Hindu Shiv Bhawani Sena organised a protest at Shatrughan Sinha’s residence in Patna, Bihar and called the marriage ’love jihad’.

The legendary actor-turned-politician strongly reacted to trolls and urged them to not spread the negativity.

When asked Shatrughan what he felt on the day of his daughter’s wedding, he replied, “Yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai? Every father waits for this moment when his daughter is given to her chosen groom. My daughter looks most happy with Zaheer. Unki jodi salamat rahe.”

However, Amitabh Bachchan skipped the wedding and netizens wonder if it’s due to his rivalry with the Kalicharan actor.

What happened?

In his memoir, Sinha spoke about the coldness between him and Bachchan that apparently came from the latter’s side. “The problem was the applause I was getting for my performances. The chair next to Amitabh would not be offered to me, nor would his umbrella be ever trained to cover any of us. We’d be heading from the location towards the same hotel but he’d sit in his car and never say, ‘Let’s go together.’ I found it all very strange and wondered why this was happening because I never had any complaints against him.”

Bachchan and Sinha shared screen space in films like Shaan, Dostana, Naseeb, and Kaala Patthar.

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