Brad Pitt regrets, and is now open to reconnecting with his children | Hollywood.

Brad Pitt, the Hollywood superstar, was left alone in Los Angeles while his daughter Vivienne celebrated the 77th annual Tony Awards with her mother, Angelina Jolie, nearly 3,000 miles away in New York City. Despite the distance, Brad Pitt is now expressing his willingness to mend his strained relationship with his children, indicating a desire to call a truce with Jolie.

The situation became even more poignant for Brad Pitt when his daughter Shiloh, on her 18th birthday, filed paperwork to remove “Pitt” from her surname. This decision was followed by her sisters Vivienne and Zahara also opting to drop their father’s last name, signifying a clear rift in their relationship with Brad.

According to insiders, Brad’s children currently have no interest in reconnecting with him, citing past grievances and his shortcomings as a husband and father during their time together with Jolie. The custody battle between Brad and Jolie, which began in 2016, has left the actor estranged from his children.

Recent developments show a shift in Brad’s mindset, with sources close to him revealing that he is now willing to extend an olive branch to Jolie in hopes of rebuilding their fractured family dynamic. This change in attitude comes after years of feuding and disputes, including disagreements over the sale of Angelina’s share of their winery, Château Miraval.

The strained relationship between Brad and his children is evident in various public actions taken by the kids, such as legal name changes and public statements disassociating themselves from their father. Despite these challenges, Brad is reportedly prepared to let go of past grievances and be there for his children when they are ready to reconcile.

In the midst of ongoing tensions and family drama, Brad Pitt’s willingness to reconcile with his children demonstrates a commitment to healing old wounds and fostering a sense of unity within their family. Time will tell if this gesture of reconciliation will lead to a renewed bond between Brad, Jolie, and their children.

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