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The stage is set for an unprecedented showdown as Euro 2024 enters its final group stage matchday with Group E hanging in the balance. In a rare twist of fate, all four teams are tied at three points each, setting the scene for a thrilling climax. In the midst of this uncertainty, Romania and Slovakia are gearing up for a pivotal clash at Deutsche Bank Park, just 200km away from the venue where Belgium will face Ukraine, both vying for a spot in the round of 16.

Romania's players huddle prior to the UEFA Euro 2024 Group E match(AFP)
Romania’s players huddle prior to the UEFA Euro 2024 Group E match(AFP)

What was once considered a straightforward group has now turned into a thrilling saga, with Romania and Slovakia defying expectations to make their mark on the tournament.

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Romania’s resurgence in Euro 2024 has reignited the nation’s love for football. The fans, who had been dormant for years, are now back on the streets celebrating their team’s success in this year’s Euro. Their opening match against Ukraine was a display of resilience and tactical brilliance, resulting in a remarkable 3-0 victory.

Captain Nicolae Stanciu and midfielder Razvan Marin’s long-range goals stunned Ukraine, leading Romania to their first European Championship win in over two decades. Despite a valiant effort against Belgium, where they fought hard but ultimately lost 2-0, Romania now has a chance to advance with a draw against Slovakia, thanks to their superior goal difference.

On the other hand, Slovakia’s journey to this crucial match has been equally captivating. Their campaign kicked off with a surprising 1-0 win over Belgium, highlighted by forward Ivan Schranz’s early goal and a resilient defensive effort. Despite a setback against Ukraine in their second match, Slovakia now has the opportunity to secure their spot in the next round with a draw against Romania.

The upcoming showdown promises a tactical battle between Romania’s solid midfield led by Stanciu and Marin, and Slovakia’s defensive prowess showcased in the match against Belgium. Both teams are geared up to showcase their strengths and secure their place in the knockout stages.

The Biscotto

Amidst speculations of a mutually beneficial draw, known as “biscotto,” both coaches remain focused on the task at hand. Romanian manager Edward Ioanescu emphasized the importance of qualifying first and foremost, dismissing talks of any pre-arranged outcomes.

Slovakian coach Francesco Calzona echoed a similar sentiment, highlighting the professionalism and determination of his team to secure a victory.

Qualification Scenarios

Let’s dive into the complex scenarios for each team’s qualification:


Through to Round of 16 (Top Two): Avoid defeat against Slovakia.

Out of Round of 16: Lose and Ukraine win/draw.


Through to Round of 16 (Top Two): Win/draw against Ukraine.

Out of Round of 16: Lose and Romania win/draw.


Through to Round of 16 (Top Two or Best Third-Placed Team): Win/draw against Romania.

Out of Round of 16: Lose and Belgium win/draw.


Through to Round of 16 (Top Two): Beat Belgium.

Through to Round of 16 (Best Third-Placed Team): Draw and the other game is not drawn.

Out of Round of 16: Lose and Slovakia win/draw, or if both games are drawn.

If Both Games Are Drawn

Further technicalities come into play if both matches end in a draw:

Scenario A

If one game has fewer goals than the other, the table will be rearranged accordingly.

Scenario B

If the scorelines are different, the standings will be determined by various criteria.

Other Draw Scenarios:

  • Different scenarios for teams finishing equal on points.
  • Various outcomes based on goals scored.

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