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Is the European Championship tougher to conquer than the World Cup? This age-old debate continues to captivate football enthusiasts worldwide.

Former French football player Patrice Evra.(AP)
Former French football player Patrice Evra.(AP)

With a multitude of top-tier teams participating and a significant level of prestige associated with it, one might assume that the World Cup exerts more pressure on players. However, the fiercely competitive nature of the European Championship from the outset raises questions about its difficulty level. The abundance of world-class footballing nations on the continent often leads to powerhouse teams failing to qualify for the World Cup through the European qualifiers. Does this aspect make the Euros a more challenging tournament?

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Renowned French forward Kylian Mbappe has expressed his belief that the Euros present a more formidable challenge compared to the World Cup. His compatriot, Patrice Evra, shares a similar sentiment, suggesting that the World Cup offers teams more breathing space.

According to Evra, “The Euro, for me, is akin to the Champions League. You face the best teams in Europe, and each side is tactically well-versed about the others. It’s a grueling competition where even losing or drawing the first game can spell trouble and pile on the pressure. Many players have won the World Cup but never clinched the Champions League or Euro. In my opinion, most players would agree that the Euro poses a greater challenge than the World Cup.”

As the highly anticipated Euros kick off in Germany this Friday, the spotlight will be on powerhouse teams like France, who boast a formidable lineup comprising Mbappe, Griezmann, Camavinga, and Kante. Despite their recent World Cup victory in 2018 and impressive runner-up finish in 2022, France has not secured a Euro title in the past 24 years, with their most recent victory in 2000.

Evra emphasizes the importance of depth in a team’s roster, citing that a strong bench is equally crucial in winning major tournaments. He lauds France for its consistent ability to produce quality players but warns against overconfidence, citing it as a potential pitfall. The former Manchester United star expresses confidence in France’s chances, attributing their success to the humility and determination of coach Didier Deschamps.

In addition to France, all eyes will be on Germany, who are eager to prove themselves after disappointing performances in recent competitions. Despite their rich history in Euros with three titles, Germany faltered in the round of 16 in the previous edition and failed to advance past the group stage in the last two World Cups.

Evra believes that under new management and with a youthful squad, Germany is poised for a strong showing on home turf. Amidst contenders like Spain, England, Portugal, and reigning champions Italy, Evra also pinpoints Denmark and Croatia as potential dark horses.

Reflecting on their past performances, Evra expresses admiration for Denmark’s resilience and hopes for Croatia’s success to elevate football in their nation. He recalls Croatia as a formidable opponent during his playing days, highlighting their underrated status in the football world.

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