Fardeen Khan shares struggles with IVF journey in starting a family: ‘It was a difficult time for me’ | Bollywood

Fardeen Khan is making a strong comeback in the entertainment industry with his recent OTT debut in the acclaimed series Heeramandi. After a hiatus of almost 14 years, the actor has been receiving praise for his performance and dedication to his craft. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for Fardeen, as he recently opened up about the challenges he faced in his personal life, especially after the death of his father, legendary actor Feroz Khan.

In a candid interview with Bollywood Hungama, Fardeen shared the struggles he and his wife faced in starting a family. Due to difficulties in conceiving naturally, the couple decided to opt for the IVF route. Reflecting on this tough time in his life, Fardeen admitted, “It was a tough time for me on a personal level. We were having challenges having children, and that’s when we decided to take the IVF route. When my daughter was born, my heart melted, and I realized the importance of spending time with my family.”

Despite the challenges, Fardeen considers himself fortunate to have had the luxury of taking time off to focus on his family. However, looking back, he does have some regrets about taking such a long break from acting. Nevertheless, Fardeen is now back in the spotlight with his role in Heeramandi, a period drama set against the backdrop of the Indian independence revolution of the 1920s-1940s.

In addition to his OTT debut, Fardeen has exciting projects lined up, including the film Visfot produced by Sanjay Gupta, and Mudassar Aziz’s Khel Khel Mein, where he stars alongside top actors like Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu. With a promising career comeback and a renewed focus on his work, Fardeen Khan is back in action and ready to make his mark in the industry once again.

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