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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show your auto-enthusiast dad how much you appreciate him. From motorsport apparel to international driving trips, there are plenty of gift ideas to consider. Here is a curated list of meaningful gifts that will surely make your dad’s day:

1. Magazine Subscription:
Consider getting your dad a subscription to the Autocar India Magazine. The joy of reading well-written stories about cars and the latest industry trends can be a delightful experience for any automotive enthusiast.

2. Driving Experience:
Give your dad the gift of a curated driving experience where he can enjoy the journey without the hassle of planning. Autocar Expeditions organizes trips both in India and abroad, offering a unique driving adventure.

3. Apparel:
For motorsport enthusiasts, high-quality apparel such as official F1 or MotoGP merchandise can make a thoughtful gift. Check out websites like Fancode for a wide range of official merchandise options.

4. Driving Shoes:
Elevate your dad’s driving experience with a nice pair of driving shoes. Brands like Puma offer a range of stylish and comfortable driving shoes that are also co-branded with prestigious car manufacturers.

5. Dashcam:
A dashcam is a simple yet effective tool for road safety. Consider getting a reliable model to help protect your dad from incidents and unjust driving fines. Dual-channel cameras are a great option to record both the front and rear of the vehicle.

6. Car-Care Kit/Car Spa:
Regular cleaning and detailing can enhance a vehicle’s appearance and lifespan. Consider gifting your dad a set of cleaning products or a complete interior and exterior detail to keep his car looking brand new.

7. Car Fragrance:
Create a pleasant driving atmosphere for your dad with a car fragrance that boosts his mood. Opt for fragrances that are not too intense, such as the Godrej Aer O range, to prevent headaches while driving.

8. Scale Models:
Scale models of cars, especially ones with sentimental value, make excellent desk accessories for car enthusiasts. Consider getting a scale model of your dad’s first car for added sentimental value.

9. Books:
Gift your dad an automotive read that caters to his passion for cars. From tales of racing glory to insightful engineering books, there are plenty of options to choose from. Consider titles like “How to Build a Car” by Adrian Newey and “The Car Book” by DK.

10. Air Compressor:
An air compressor is a crucial tool for keeping tire pressure in check, ensuring safety on the road. Consider getting a reliable model like Michelin’s tyre inflators for peace of mind.

11. Vacuum:
Make car cleaning easier for your dad with a quality car vacuum cleaner. Opt for reputable brands like Karcher for maximum suction power and longevity.

12. Advanced Driving Classes:
Offer your dad the opportunity to improve his driving skills with advanced driving classes or track days. This gift provides both fun and learning experiences that he will truly appreciate.

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you care with a thoughtful and meaningful gift that caters to his love for cars. Whether it’s a magazine subscription, a driving experience, or a new set of driving shoes, these gift ideas are sure to make him feel special.

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