I Don’t Support or Condone Any Form of Violence: A Bold Stand Against Harmful Acts

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Kangana Ranaut shared a video and revealed that a woman guard hit the actress on her face and hurled abuses
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On Thursday, the news of BJP MP and actress Kangana Ranaut getting slapped by a CISF guard named Kulwinder Kaur at the Chandigarh airport went viral on social media like wildfire.

Bollywood members have reacted to the slap incident. Taking to X, Shabana Azmi tweeted, “I have no love lost for Kangana Ranaut. But I can’t find myself joining this chorus of celebrating ’the slap’. If security personnel start taking law into their hands, none of us can be safe.”

The next in line is filmmaker Karan Johar, who, at the trailer launch of his next production KILL, said, “I don’t support or condone any form of violence, verbal or physical.”

At the sideline of an event, Anupam Kher told a paparazzi, “I deeply regret it. The way a woman slapped another woman by taking power of her position it’s wrong. This should be legally investigated. She can have grievances, but it shouldn’t be done by taking advantage of their power. Tomorrow anyone can do this to anyone on any matter and later make excuses. This is wrong.”

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Kangana wrote, “Every rapist, murderer or thief always have a strong emotional, physical, psychological or financial reason to commit a crime, no crime ever happens without a reason, yet they are convicted and sentenced to jail. If you are aligned with the criminals strong emotional impulse to commit a crime violating all laws of the land. Remember if you are ok with breaking into someone’s intimate zone, without their permission touching their bodies and assaulting them then deep down you are ok with rape or murder also because that’s also just penetration or stab only what big deal, you must look deeper into your psychological criminal tendencies, I suggest please take up yoga and meditation or else life will become a bitter and burdensome experience, don’t carry so much grudge, hate and jealousy please, free yourself”

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