Juhi Babbar Sonii invites 100 women achievers for the 100th show of her play ‘With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara’.

Juhi Babbar Sonii is gearing up to mark a significant milestone in her theatrical career with the upcoming 100th show of her play, With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara. This achievement is even more remarkable considering the play has traveled to over 35 cities and had five international shows within just 30 months. Juhi expresses her delight at the overwhelming love and support they have received from audiences, making this milestone even more special.

For the 100th show, Juhi has planned a special celebration by inviting 100 women achievers from various fields such as acting, directing, music, dance, culinary arts, politics, banking, and even piloting. This diverse group of women will witness the empowering themes explored in the play, which sheds light on the challenges faced by contemporary Indian women, including issues like sexual harassment and societal expectations. Juhi emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues through theatre and believes that it has the power to create a lasting impact.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Juhi and her team adapted by taking the play online through Mumbai theatre guide before finally bringing it to the stage. The success of the play both online and offline reflects the resonance of its message with audiences. Written, directed, and performed by Juhi herself, With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara is a testament to her multifaceted talent and dedication to storytelling.

Reflecting on her creative process, Juhi credits the strength of her writing for guiding her seamlessly through the roles of writer, director, and actor. She believes that the clarity in her writing allowed her to effectively convey the themes and messages of the play, making the journey from script to stage a fulfilling experience.

As Juhi and her team prepare to celebrate this milestone, the 100th show of With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara promises to be a memorable event that honors the accomplishments of women while shining a spotlight on the power of theatre to provoke thought and inspire change.

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