Kannada actor Darshan arrested for fan’s alleged murder: Timeline of a murder mystery reminiscent of movies.

Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa and his long-time partner, actor Pavithra Gowda, have found themselves in hot water after being implicated in the murder of a fan named Renukaswamy. The couple has been remanded in police custody until June 17, following their arrest on June 11 by the Bengaluru police. This shocking turn of events has left the entertainment industry reeling and fans in disbelief.

Here is a timeline of the events leading up to this tragic incident:

– June 8: The trouble began when 33-year-old pharmacist Renukaswamy, a devoted fan of Darshan, allegedly sent abusive messages to Pavithra on Instagram after learning about her relationship with the actor. Despite being married to Vijayalakshmi for 21 years, Darshan was involved in a romantic relationship with Pavithra for a decade.

– Upon discovering the messages, Darshan reportedly contacted Raghavendra, the head of his fan club in Chitradurga, and asked him to bring Renukaswamy to Bengaluru.

– Renukaswamy was taken to a shed in RR Nagar, where he was brutally assaulted and succumbed to his injuries. The police allege that Darshan and Pavithra were present at the scene during the attack.

– June 9: The police were alerted to the situation after a food delivery boy stumbled upon Renukaswamy’s body in a drain. An investigation was launched, leading to the discovery of injury marks on the victim’s body.

– June 10: Two men claimed responsibility for Renukaswamy’s murder, citing a financial dispute. However, further examination of call records revealed Darshan and Pavithra’s involvement in the case.

– June 11: Darshan was apprehended at a hotel in Mysuru, while Pavithra was taken into custody from her residence near RR Nagar. Several other individuals, including members of Darshan’s fan club, were also arrested for their alleged roles in the crime.

– After medical examinations, Darshan and Pavithra were designated as A2 and A1, respectively, and were remanded to police custody until June 17.

– June 12: The Bengaluru police seized cars believed to have been used in the murder, including a Jeep owned by Darshan. Additionally, four of the accused were taken to the crime scene for a reconstruction of events.

In light of these developments, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara has emphasized that the police have full authority to pursue justice in the case involving Darshan, whom he refers to as a “repeat offender.”

The unfolding drama surrounding Darshan and Pavithra is reminiscent of a suspenseful movie plot, captivating audiences with its twists and turns. As the investigation continues, more details are sure to emerge, shedding light on the shocking events that transpired in the world of Kannada entertainment.

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