Munjya’s Spielberg aka Taran Singh praises Sathyaraj’s dedication: ‘Inspiring to see him learning Hindi’ | Bollywood.

Taran Singh, known for his role as aspiring filmmaker Diljit Singh Dhillon aka Spielberg in the horror-comedy Munjya, is making waves in Bollywood. The actor, who initially started as a content creator, has shared his inspiring journey and passion for experimental roles. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Taran opened up about his experiences working alongside talented co-stars and the challenges he faced while working on a VFX-driven film.

Here are some key insights from Taran Singh’s interview:

1. **Inspiration Behind His Career**: Taran revealed that his inspiration to become a content creator stemmed from watching videos from popular platforms like TVF and AIB. His transition into Bollywood movies was unexpected but welcomed, as his hard work and dedication paid off with the role in Munjya.

2. **Utilizing Social Media for Promoting Talent**: Taran emphasized the importance of leveraging social media platforms to showcase talent to casting directors and producers. He believes that aspiring actors no longer need to relocate to Mumbai for auditions, as social media provides a convenient platform to gain visibility and recognition.

3. **Challenges of Working in a VFX-Driven Film**: Taran shared his experiences of working on a VFX-driven film, highlighting the difference between creating content independently and following a director’s vision. He emphasized the need for patience and trust in the director’s vision while adapting to new processes and workflows.

4. **Appreciation for Co-Stars**: Taran expressed his admiration for co-stars Mona Singh, Sharvari Wagh, and Abhay Verma for their dedication and preparation on set. He particularly lauded veteran actor Sathyaraj’s commitment to learning Hindi for his role, showcasing the importance of thorough preparation in delivering strong performances.

5. **Future Aspirations**: Taran expressed his desire to take on more experimental roles in the future and praised director Sriram Raghavan’s cinema. He looks forward to collaborating with Maddock Films on future projects in the horror genre, hinting at exciting developments in the horror universe.

Overall, Taran Singh’s journey from content creator to Bollywood actor reflects his passion for storytelling and willingness to embrace challenges in pursuit of his dreams. His unique perspective and dedication to his craft have set him apart in the industry, promising a bright future ahead.

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