New PGTI president Kapil aims to increase events and promote growth in golf

Kapil Dev, known for his legendary captaincy in leading India to victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup, is now aiming to make a similar impact on professional golf in the country as he assumes the role of president of the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) at the age of 65.

A passionate golfer himself, Kapil was unanimously elected to the position following the resignation of the previous president H Srinivasan due to personal reasons. Having served as vice-president and member of PGTI’s governing body for the past three years, Kapil felt the timing was right for him to take on a more active role in promoting professional golf in India.

Expressing his commitment to the sport, Kapil stated, “Cricket will always be my first love, but golf presents unique challenges that I have always enjoyed. I have been approached by players within the sport to take on a more prominent role, and I am honored to step up to lead the PGTI.”

As the new president, Kapil has outlined two key priorities for the growth of professional golf in India. Firstly, he aims to increase the number of tournaments from the current 20 to ideally around 30-35, providing players with a more structured and competitive schedule akin to international tours like the PGA and DP World Tour.

Secondly, Kapil plans to engage corporate sponsors to support professional golf in the country, highlighting the need for financial stability for athletes beyond their playing careers. He also intends to work with golf clubs to provide open access to facilities for professional golfers, eliminating the financial burden of practice and ensuring a conducive environment for their growth.

Furthermore, Kapil is open to collaborations with international tours such as the Asian Tour and European Tour, with the goal of bringing top-tier tournaments to India and attracting a larger pool of talent and prize money to the local golfing scene.

Recognizing the popularity of golf among former cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Yuvraj Singh, Kapil plans to tap into this demographic to garner support and participation in PGTI events. By inviting these cricketing legends to participate in ProAms and other tournaments, Kapil aims to elevate the profile of Indian golf and attract broader interest and investment in the sport.

In conclusion, Kapil Dev’s vision for the PGTI encompasses a strategic approach towards expanding the tournament calendar, securing corporate backing, facilitating access to training facilities, and leveraging the support of former cricketers to propel the growth of professional golf in India. With his leadership and passion for the sport, Kapil stands poised to make a significant impact and elevate Indian golf to new heights.

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