Richa Chadha supports Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal over trolling on their wedding: ‘Buri nazar waale tera muh…’ | Bollywood.

Richa Chadha, known for her outspoken nature, recently showed support for Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal amidst trolling over their interfaith wedding. Attending their wedding, Richa took to Instagram to commend the couple for not being affected by social media negativity. She shared a heartfelt note, praising their commitment to each other and their ability to dance to their own tune.

In her note, Richa expressed admiration for the couple’s simplicity and spirit, wishing them a lifetime of happiness. She also humorously mentioned braving crowds in her ninth month for their wedding reception. The couple had turned off comments on their posts due to trolling, prompting fellow actor Swara Bhasker to defend them in an interview with India Today.

Swara emphasized that the private lives of consenting adults should not be a subject of debate and that it is up to the individuals and their families to decide on their relationships. Sonakshi and Zaheer tied the knot on June 23 in an intimate ceremony, with their reception attended by celebrities like Salman Khan and Vidya Balan.

Sonakshi is set to star in the upcoming horror-comedy film “Kakuda” directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. Richa’s show of support for the couple is a reminder of the importance of celebrating love and individual choices, regardless of societal norms or online criticism. In a world where judgment and negativity can easily abound, it is heartening to see actors like Richa Chadha standing up for what they believe in and supporting fellow artists in their personal decisions.

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