Sai Dharam Tej unfollows Allu Arjun on Twitter and Instagram, fans notice

Recently, all eyes were on Pawan Kalyan as he celebrated his swearing-in ceremony as the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. However, amidst the excitement, fans also noticed a peculiar change in his family dynamics – actor Sai Durgha Tej, formerly known as Sai Dharam Tej, unfollowed his cousin, actor Allu Arjun, on both X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. This unexpected move sparked speculation and discussion among fans about the possible reasons behind the rift between the cousins.

In a surprising turn of events, Sai Durgha Tej was found to only be following Allu Sirish, another member of the Allu family, on Instagram. Fans quickly took to social media to share screenshots and express their shock at Sai’s decision to unfollow Allu Arjun and his wife, Sneha Reddy, on both platforms. Some fans even resorted to using expletives and taking sides, further fueling the rumor mill.

When questioned about the situation, representatives for both Sai and Allu remained tight-lipped, refusing to comment on the rumored feud between the cousins. Sources close to the family revealed that Sai had actually stopped following Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy some time ago, but it went unnoticed until now. The exact reason for Sai’s decision to unfollow his cousin and his wife remains shrouded in mystery.

On the other hand, Allu Arjun has maintained a neutral stance amidst the controversy. Despite his absence at Pawan Kalyan’s swearing-in ceremony and other political events, Allu clarified that he remains impartial and supports his family and friends, regardless of their political affiliations. He reiterated his loyalty to his uncle Pawan Kalyan and his commitment to standing by his friends and family members, including Mr. Reddy and S Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy.

As the speculation continues to swirl around the rift between Sai Durgha Tej and Allu Arjun, fans are left wondering about the true nature of their relationship and what could have possibly led to this sudden fallout. Only time will tell if the cousins can reconcile their differences and mend their fractured bond.

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