“Sharmaji Ki Beti” Director Tahira Kashyap Reveals Cinema’s Shocking Evolution: When Films Like Crew and 12th Fail Dominate Box Office

In a world where a few big names usually dominate the industry, it’s refreshing and necessary to see underrated stars like Sakshi Tanwar and Divya Dutta take on leading roles in a film like Sharmajee Ki Beti. This Prime Video movie, presented by Applause Entertainment and produced by Ellipsis Entertainment Production, is written and directed by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana. With a talented cast including Sakshi Tanwar, Divya Dutta, and Saiyami Kher, the film promises to be a comedic slice of life story that will deeply resonate with audiences.

In an interview with MrFactBook, Khurrana discusses her directorial debut, bringing together the three actresses, the concept of telling a slice-of-life tale, and recent film trends.

Excerpts from the interview

Aside from their shared last name, what similarities did you notice between Sakshi, Divya, and Saiyami?

They are all women whose voices and stories deserve to be heard.

What inspired you to write and direct this particular story?

This story had been on my mind since 2017, after the success of my first short film, Toffee. Over the years, amidst personal challenges and the impact of Covid-19, the film finally came to fruition. These stories are a reflection of my experiences, observations, and a deep desire to share them with the world.

Sharma Ji Ka Beta has long been a source of comparison in families. In your film, you showcase the flawed sides of the characters. Can you tell us more about the Sharmas?

Your firsts always come from a place of purity, deep resonance, experience, observation. So all of them have a bit of me in some way..

How did you approach the casting process for the film?

We were thrilled to have Divya, Sakshi, and Saiyami on board. Their authenticity and talent added immense value to the project. Each actress brought their unique energy and perspective to their characters.

Do successful actors like Ayushmann Khurrana inspire you to tell fearless stories?

Absolutely. The success of actors like Ayushmann and Rajkummar Rao in championing unconventional stories is inspiring and liberating for storytellers like myself.

As a first-time filmmaker, what are your thoughts on the diverse range of successful films in recent times?

I’m encouraged by the variety of successful films across genres. It’s refreshing to see different kinds of stories resonating with audiences and finding success at the box office.

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