Shocking Revelation: Sports Federations Condemn Olympic Prize Money Decision by World Athletics!

Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) made clear it was unhappy with World Athletics’ decision to award prize money to gold medallists in Paris

Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), an organization of Olympic sports federations, expressed its dissatisfaction with World Athletics’ choice to give prize money to medalists, stating that it “undermines the values of Olympism.”

The organization voiced its discontent with World Athletics president Sebastian Coe’s decision to award a $50,000 prize to gold medalists in track and field at the Paris Games. This move, announced recently, was a first for a federation at an Olympics, with plans to extend prize money to all medalists in Los Angeles in 2028.

ASOIF, comprised of 30 full members and two associate members, stated, “This action undermines the values of Olympism and the uniqueness of the Games. One should not quantify the value of an Olympic gold medal.”

It noted that not all Olympic sports have the means to provide prize money, emphasizing that such a move could not be replicated by all sports even if desired.

The organization recognized schemes by National Olympic Committees and governments to reward athletes for exceptional performances for reasons of national pride, while advocating for the surplus Olympic revenue to prioritize development and integrity.

ASOIF was also displeased that the decision was made by Coe without consultation with other federations or prior notice to the International Olympic Committee, stressing the importance of discussing such matters with all involved parties beforehand.

In response, World Athletics defended its decision by stating that it highlights their commitment to empowering athletes and acknowledging their crucial role in the success of the Olympic Games. The organization emphasized the difficulty of placing a monetary value on winning an Olympic medal but believed in redistributing some of the revenue back to the athletes.

While the move has stirred controversy among sports officials, athletes have shown support for the decision. The total prize fund of $2.4 million by World Athletics will be sourced from the International Olympic Committee’s revenue share allocation received every four years.

(with inputs from AFP)

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