Travis Kelce shares his experience meeting Prince William at Eras Tour show: ‘Absolutely a delight’

Travis Kelce recently shared his experience of meeting Prince William at Taylor Swift’s London Eras Tour on the New Heights podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce. The football star described the meeting as a delightful encounter, where he had the opportunity to meet not only Prince William but also his children, George and Charlotte.

During the podcast, Travis mentioned feeling unsure about the appropriate etiquette when greeting the royal family. He humorously admitted wondering whether he should bow, curtsy, or just stick to a casual handshake. Ultimately, he and his brother opted for politeness and respect in their interaction with the royals.

Jason Kelce chimed in with his own perspective, noting that there was no need to bow since it was not an official royal event. However, he humorously shared feeling a bit emasculated and even placing his beer far away as a sign of respect.

The brothers praised Prince William’s parenting skills, with Travis commending the Prince of Wales for allowing his children to express themselves openly. Jason particularly mentioned how engaging and adorable Princess Charlotte was during their interaction, describing her as having a fiery personality and asking insightful questions.

Despite his public appearances and jovial dance moves at the event, Prince William is reportedly dealing with personal challenges in his family life. Recent reports suggest that his wife, Kate Middleton, and his father, King Charles, are facing health issues, which have strengthened the bond between William and his father.

Overall, meeting Prince William and his family was a memorable experience for Travis and Jason Kelce, showcasing a blend of royalty, humility, and familial love.

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