Vanna White could be the next to exit Wheel of Fortune after Pat Sajak’s retirement.

Wheel of Fortune, a long-standing television show, recently created quite a buzz with the departure of beloved host Pat Sajak, who stepped down from his role on the show. The episode marking his exit garnered a staggering 11 million views, the highest viewership in the past four years.

Following Sajak’s retirement, speculation arose that Vanna White, his co-host on the show, might be the next to leave. Reports from suggest that White “doesn’t jibe” with her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest, who took over after Sajak’s departure. Despite negotiating a salary increase and signing a contract to stay on the show until 2025-2026, White reportedly has a desire to depart sooner than planned, as it is challenging for her to continue without Sajak by her side.

Audiences are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of Wheel of Fortune, which will mark Seacrest’s official debut as host, bringing a fresh dynamic to the show. While rumors of chemistry issues between White and Seacrest have surfaced, sources close to the show deny any such claims, stating that the two have been enjoying their time working together on set.

On social media, fans expressed mixed reactions to the news of White potentially leaving the show, with some highlighting the challenges of adjusting to a new host after decades of familiarity with Sajak. While uncertainties linger about the future of Wheel of Fortune, one thing is clear – the show will continue to captivate audiences with its timeless charm and exciting gameplay.

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