GTA 6 Bombshell 7 Shocking Reasons Behind Rockstar's Controversial

Remote Work Challenges

Rockstar employees reveal that remote work hurdles are hindering GTA 6's development, potentially pushing the release date to 2026.

Quality and Safety 

Anonymous sources claim that Rockstar's decision to recall workers to the office stems from their commitment to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards for GTA 6.

Sudden Shift in Work Dynamics

The abrupt change from remote work to a mandatory five-day workweek has left many Rockstar employees frustrated and unsettled, impacting GTA 6's production.

Crunch Culture Worries

Some Rockstar workers fear the return to the office may signal a resurgence of the studio's notorious crunch practices, which could affect GTA 6's development.

Last-Minute Changes

Insiders suggest that Rockstar Games is known for making eleventh-hour changes to their plans, leaving fans uncertain about GTA 6's next trailer drop date.

Leaks and Speculation

Numerous leaks surrounding GTA 6 have forced Rockstar to take drastic measures, such as mandating office returns, to protect the game's development.

Fan Backlash and Anticipation

As news of potential delays spreads, fans are expressing their disappointment and frustration, while eagerly awaiting official updates on GTA 6's progress.