Shocking Truths About Light Bulb Cameras That Will Make You Think Twice

Hidden Surveillance

Light bulb cameras can be easily disguised, making them perfect for covert surveillance in homes and offices.

Remote Access

Many light bulb cameras offer remote viewing capabilities, allowing users to monitor their space from anywhere using a smartphone app.

Motion Detection

Advanced light bulb cameras feature motion detection, sending alerts to your device when movement is detected in the monitored area.

Night Vision

Some high-end light bulb cameras come equipped with infrared night vision, enabling clear video recording even in low-light conditions.

Hackers' Delight

If not properly secured, light bulb cameras can be vulnerable to hacking, compromising your privacy and security.

Legal Considerations

Using light bulb cameras for surveillance purposes may be subject to legal restrictions, varying by jurisdiction.

Quality Concerns

The video quality of light bulb cameras can vary greatly, with some models offering superior resolution and clarity compared to others.