The Enchanting March Birth Flowers and Their Hidden Meanings


The daffodil and jonquil are the official birth flowers for March, marking the beginning of spring and symbolizing new beginnings

March Birth Flowers

Daffodil History

Daffodils have been cherished for centuries, even inspiring works by Shakespeare and Wordsworth. Their name comes from the Greek word for "intoxicated."

Daffodil Meaning

These cheerful blooms represent forgiveness, renewal, and self-reflection, stemming from the Greek myth of Narcissus.

March Babies

People born in March are said to be understanding, compassionate, and forgiving, radiating positivity like the daffodil.

Jonquil Characteristics

Jonquils are similar to daffodils but have darker foliage and a sweeter fragrance. Their name comes from the Spanish word "jonquillo," meaning rush plant.

Jonquil History

Native to Portugal and Spain, jonquils were introduced to England by Roman soldiers during the Crusades and have been admired in literature.

Jonquil Meaning

While Greeks associated jonquils with sympathy and sadness, they are more commonly seen as symbols of friendship, happiness, and romantic affection.