Donald Trump Net Worth Skyrockets as Social Media Merger Closes

Trump's Wealth Doubles

The merger of Trump Media & Technology Group with Digital World Acquisition Corp. has doubled Donald Trump's net worth from 2.6 billion to over2.6billion to over 5 billion.

Restrictions on Selling Shares

Despite the wealth increase, Trump faces restrictions on selling his shares or using them as collateral for loans for at least six months post-merger.

Urgent Need for Cash

Trump is facing a Monday deadline to cover a $454 million penalty in a New York civil fraud case, making his ability to raise cash an urgent matter.

Trump's Control Over the Company

With a majority stake and allies on the board, Trump holds significant sway over Trump Media and could potentially request a waiver on share restrictions.

Uncertainty in Stock Performance

While Trump Media's stock is currently trading high, there is no guarantee it will maintain its value over time.

Truth Social's Revenue

Trump Media's main revenue source is Truth Social, which generated only $3.3 million in advertising revenue during the first nine months of 2022.

Following Alt-Right Trends

By going public through a SPAC merger, Trump Media is following the path of other alt-right businesses like Rumble and PublicSquare.