Yamaha teases AMT gearbox, shares details

Yamaha has joined the ranks of BMW and KTM in introducing an automatic gearbox this year, with the unveiling of their new ‘Y-AMT’ system. This innovative gearbox offers riders a choice between three shift modes: Manual mode, Automatic mode (D+), and Automatic mode (D).

Similar to Honda’s DCT variants, riders can manually switch gears using a see-saw switch on the left-hand side switchgear. By using the plus or minus lever, riders can seamlessly shift gears without the need to operate a clutch or use their left foot. Yamaha has also introduced a unique feature where riders can use just the plus lever for upshifts and downshifts, allowing them to maintain a better grip on the handlebar.

In automatic mode, ‘D+’ offers a more aggressive driving experience with harder acceleration and longer gear holds, while ‘D’ provides a more relaxed, comfort-oriented mode similar to a car’s comfort mode. The gearbox modes can be easily changed using a dedicated ‘Mode’ button for convenience.

Yamaha plans to incorporate the Y-AMT gearbox into multiple models, aiming to enhance rider focus and reduce overall fatigue during rides. This move follows the trend set by BMW and KTM, who have also teased their own automatic gearbox systems.

Meanwhile, Honda has been offering a fully automatic DCT system on multiple models for over a decade. With the rapid advancements in automatic transmission technology in the motorcycle industry, riders can look forward to a smoother and more convenient riding experience.

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