Yuvraj Singh praises Rohit Sharma for staying grounded despite success, highlights difference between him and Virat Kohli

Rohit Sharma is gearing up to play his ninth T20 World Cup, and Yuvraj Singh, his teammate from the first World T20 in 2007, is eager to see the India captain lift the trophy. Yuvraj has always shown strong support for Rohit, emphasizing their close bond that has stood the test of time.

Yuvraj Singh with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli(BCCI/Screengrab)
Yuvraj Singh with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli(BCCI/Screengrab)

Having narrowly missed out on winning the 50-overs World Cup, Rohit is determined to claim victory this time. Yuvraj believes that Rohit, who led India to victory in 2007 under MS Dhoni’s captaincy, is the ideal choice to lead India in the upcoming T20 World Cup in West Indies and the USA.

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“I really want to see Rohit Sharma lift the World Cup trophy. He truly deserves it,” Yuvraj, the brand ambassador for the T20 World Cup, expressed to ICC. “His presence is crucial. We need a captain who can make sound decisions under pressure, and he is the right man for the job. He was the captain in the 50-over World Cup final in 2023. With five IPL trophies under his belt as a captain, he is the ideal choice to lead India.”

Aside from his captaincy skills and batting ability, Yuvraj admires Rohit’s humility and down-to-earth nature. Despite his success over the years, Rohit has remained grounded, earning Yuvraj’s respect and admiration.

“Despite his success, Rohit has never let it get to his head. He has always been a humble person, both on and off the field. That’s what sets him apart,” Yuvraj shared fondly.

How Yuvraj’s Relationship with Rohit Differs from Kohli

Yuvraj’s comments shed light on the contrasting dynamics he shares with Rohit and Virat Kohli. While he considers Rohit a close friend, his relationship with Kohli is more distant. Yuvraj revealed in a podcast that he doesn’t converse with Kohli often due to the latter’s busy schedule.

“Not really,” Yuvraj admitted when asked about keeping in touch with Kohli. “I don’t disturb him as he is busy. The Virat Kohli of today is quite different from the ‘Cheeku’ I knew back in the late 2000s and early 2010s.”

The last public sighting of Yuvraj and Kohli together was in Mohali before a match between India and Australia. The two former teammates were seen engrossed in a lively conversation, showcasing their camaraderie.

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