Apple’s Explosive Event: Unveiling the Groundbreaking New iPad Pro and iPad Air at ‘Let Loose’ Event

Apple is introducing the latest iPad models, including the updated iPad Pro and iPad Air. In 2023, Apple did not release any new iPads, making the anticipation for the 2024 lineup even higher.
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Apple is gearing up to launch the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models soon. This event marks the first Apple launch of the year, and it is happening earlier in the day than usual.

The launch will be presented through a 35-minute pre-recorded video called the ‘Let loose’ event. This video will be available on various streaming platforms such as YouTube, Apple’s website, and the Apple TV app.

The Apple Let Loose event is set to begin at 7:30 PM IST and focuses on expressing creativity, hinting at potential changes in the iPad lineup for creative tasks. While rumors suggest the unveiling of AI products and services with the iPads, it is advisable to approach this information cautiously.

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