Apple’s Jaw-Dropping Winners of the 2024 Design Awards Revealed, to be Honored at WWDC24

The creators of these apps and games will be recognised by Apple at WWDC24 next week for their excellence in design and outstanding technical achievement in apps and games
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Apple revealed the recipients of its annual Apple Design Awards, celebrating 14 outstanding apps and games recognized for their exceptional design, technical prowess, and innovation. Spanning diverse categories, developers from around the globe were honoured for their exemplary contributions to enhancing user experiences.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, praised the winning teams for their use of Apple’s technology to craft remarkable apps and games, enriching user lives with powerful and immersive experiences. The winners, selected from 42 finalists, were acknowledged across seven distinct categories, each representing excellence in different aspects of app and game development.

In the Delight and Fun category, Bears Gratitude and NYT Games emerged victorious for their engaging and satisfying experiences enhanced by Apple technologies. bears Gratitude, a journaling app by Isuru Wanasinghe, fosters daily gratitude practices with a warm and welcoming interface, while NYT Games, developed by The New York Times Company, offers a compelling mix of titles calibrated for maximum replay value.

Inclusivity was celebrated with oko and Crayola Adventures, recognized for providing exceptional experiences accessible to diverse audiences. oko, developed by AYES, aids visually impaired individuals by alerting them to signal lights, while Crayola Adventures by Red Games Co. offers inclusive character choices and gameplay options for players of all ages and backgrounds.

The Innovation category honored Procreate Dreams and Lost in Play for their novel use of Apple technologies. Procreate Dreams, developed by Procreate, enables users to create stunning 2D animations effortlessly, while Lost in Play by Happy Juice Games captivates players with endearing characters and captivating puzzles.

Exceptional interfaces and controls distinguished Crouton and Rytmos in the Interaction category. Crouton, created by Devin Davies, streamlines kitchen tasks with a clean interface, while Rytmos by Floppy Club challenges players with intuitive puzzles and captivating gameplay.

Gentler Streak Fitness Tracker and The Wreck were recognized in the Social Impact category for their meaningful contributions to improving lives. Gentler Streak, developed by Gentler Stories, promotes healthy lifestyles with optimistic reminders and thoughtful health data organization, while The Wreck by The Pixel Hunt offers deep and intimate narratives that shine a light on important issues.

Rooms and Lies of P were celebrated for their stunning imagery and cohesive themes in the Visuals and Graphics category. Rooms by Things, Inc. offers users a platform for imaginative creations with delightful detail, while Lies of P by NEOWIZ captivates players with beautiful textures and stunning effects in an imaginative adventure setting.

The Spatial Computing category acknowledged djay pro – DJ App & AI Mixer and Blackbox for their exceptional spatial experiences. djay pro, developed by algoriddim GmbH, revolutionizes music mixing with high-definition sound quality and immersive environments, while Blackbox by Shapes and Stories challenges players with engaging puzzles and clever spatial interactions.

These winners showcase the highest standards of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in app and game development, enriching the Apple ecosystem with their outstanding contributions.

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