Beaches in Goa Empty Out and Quiet Down as First Pre-Monsoon Showers Hit | Travel

With the arrival of pre-monsoon showers in Goa, the famous beaches in the state have emptied out, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere for those who choose to visit during this time. The India Meteorological Department has issued an ‘orange’ alert for heavy rains in Goa over the next few days, signaling the beginning of the monsoon season.

As the rain begins to fall, the sea becomes rough and fishing activities come to a halt. Local fisherman Pele, also known as Fransisco Fernandes, advises against swimming in the waters during this time, but mentions that knee-deep water can be enjoyed at a safe distance from the shore.

Drishti Lifesaving Services, the state-appointed lifeguard agency, has placed red flags along the coast to warn visitors of the rough conditions. With the decrease in tourist numbers during this time, the beaches are cleaner and free from the usual crowd of beachgoers.

Visitors like Rahul Gaikwad from Mumbai appreciate the quietness and affordability of Goa during the rainy season. The drop in hotel tariffs and the greenery that comes with the monsoon season make it an ideal time to explore the beauty of the state.

The state tourism department is promoting round-the-year tourism in Goa, highlighting the concept of regenerative tourism that encourages visitors to explore the hidden gems of the state’s hinterlands in addition to its famous beaches. This approach aims to attract travelers to experience the diverse and scenic beauty of Goa beyond just its coastal areas.

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