Blue Lock Chapter 265: Release date, time, where to read and more

The latest installment of Blue Lock is almost here, and fans are eagerly anticipating what the next chapter has in store. Following a thrilling match in the previous chapter, the beloved sports manga is set to continue its regular release schedule without a break this week. Here’s everything you need to know before diving into the upcoming chapter:

## Blue Lock Chapter 265 Release Date and Time
Blue Lock Chapter 265 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, June 12, at 12 am JST. For international audiences, this means that the chapter will be available during the daytime on Tuesday. To help you plan accordingly, here are the exact release times for various time zones:

| Time Zone | Time | Date | Day |
| PDT | 8 am | June 11 | Tuesday |
| CDT | 10 am | June 11 | Tuesday |
| EDT | 11 am | June 11 | Tuesday |
| GMT | 3 pm | June 11 | Tuesday |
| ACST | 12:30 am | June 12 | Wednesday |

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## Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 265?
Fans can catch the next chapter of Blue Lock on Kodansha’s K Manga platform. This platform is exclusively available to US audiences, accessible through both a mobile application and website. Please note that a point-based purchase plan is required to access the latest chapters, with no subscription fees in place. Currently, Blue Lock has not announced availability on any other online platforms.

## What to Expect from Blue Lock Chapter 265
In the previous chapter, titled “Dead, Dead, Dead, or Alive,” readers delved into Kiyora Jin’s background and past struggles. The chapter concluded with a focus on Alexis Ness as the ball headed towards him. Chapter 265 is expected to continue directly from this point, revealing Ness’s inner thoughts and intentions. While spoilers have not been released yet, fans can anticipate whether Ness will choose to assist Kaiser despite their past betrayal.

Stay tuned for the highly-anticipated release of Blue Lock Chapter 265!

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