BTS Jungkook checks in with ARMY: ‘Did you get my gift?’ before group’s 11th anniversary

BTS’ Jungkook continues to show his love and appreciation for his fans, even while serving in the Korean military. In anticipation of BTS’ upcoming 11th anniversary, Jungkook surprised ARMY with his solo song ‘Never Let Go’. Despite his busy schedule, Jungkook took the time to provide vocals for the track, demonstrating his dedication to his fans.

In a heartfelt letter shared on Weverse, Jungkook expressed his gratitude to ARMY for their support. He acknowledged the unplanned release of the song and apologized for not being able to film a performance for it. He reassured fans that he would have done so if he had the opportunity, emphasizing his commitment to delivering the best for his fans.

Unsurprisingly, ARMY’s response to Jungkook’s letter was filled with love and admiration. Fans expressed their appreciation for the song and for Jungkook’s thoughtful gesture. Messages of support and encouragement flooded platforms like Weverse and X, with fans reassuring Jungkook that his song was perfect just the way it is.

Jungkook’s dedication to his fans and his willingness to go the extra mile to show his appreciation make him a beloved member of BTS. As the group’s 11th anniversary approaches, ARMY can look forward to more heartfelt gestures and surprises from Jungkook and the rest of the band.

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