Effective strategies for preventing acne and sunburn during summer, tips on most suitable sunscreen options | Health.

As the seasons change and we transition into the summer months, our skin faces new challenges due to the heat and increased humidity. In India, where the climate is tropical, these changes can lead to various skin issues such as acne and sunburn. The sweat and moisture that comes with the warmer weather can cause the skin to become macerated, making it more prone to bacterial and fungal infections.

Dr. Susmit Haldar, a Consultant Dermatologist, warns that increased maceration can lead to skin diseases like Furunculosis, Dermatophytosis, and Candidiasis. These conditions mainly affect areas of the body where moisture is trapped, such as body folds covered by clothing. The risk of infections spreading is higher in crowded places with poor personal hygiene.

Sunlight is another threat to the skin during the summer months, causing conditions like acne, Polymorphic Light Eruption, and Sun tanning. While sunburn is less common in Indian skin due to the abundance of melanin, it can still occur in individuals with less pigment, such as those with vitiligo. Heat stroke can also be a concern, especially in conditions like Miliaria Profunda where sweat secretion is blocked.

To prevent acne during the summer, Dr. Rajat Gupta recommends using gentle cleansers and lightweight moisturizers. It is important to wear breathable cotton clothes, take a shower after workouts, stay hydrated, apply non-comedogenic sunscreen, and maintain a healthy diet.

Dr. Swayamsiddha Mishra highlights that the transition to summer can exacerbate skin conditions due to longer days, increased outdoor activities, and higher temperatures. Indian skin types are more prone to tanning than sunburn, but increased UV radiation exposure can lead to photodamage and skin issues like erythema and hyperpigmentation.

Seasonal shifts can also lead to excessive sweating, clogged pores, acne breakouts, and fungal infections. Dr. Nidhi Jindal recommends using gel-based products and lotions, cleansing body folds, and using non-comedogenic or oil-free skincare products. Additionally, wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen, staying hydrated, and seeking shade can help protect the skin from sun damage.

As we adapt to the changing seasons, it is crucial to adjust our skincare routines and lifestyle habits to prevent and manage skin conditions like acne, sunburn, and fungal infections. By taking proactive measures, such as using the right skincare products and sunscreen, staying hydrated, and wearing protective clothing, we can maintain healthy and radiant skin throughout the summer months.

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