Fans empathize with Anushka Sharma’s ‘disappointed’ expression during India vs Pakistan match after Virat Kohli’s early dismissal | Bollywood

India emerged victorious against Pakistan in a thrilling T20 World Cup match in New York, winning by six runs. One of the highlights of the game was Anushka Sharma’s reaction after her husband, Virat Kohli, was dismissed early. A photo capturing her expression went viral on social media, with fans expressing their sympathy for her disappointment.

Reactions poured in from fans who could relate to Anushka’s emotions during the match. Many took to Twitter to express their support for Virat and the Indian team, with one fan reassuring, “Sorry, he (Virat) will do good in coming games.” Another fan emphasized the unpredictable nature of sports, stating, “In any game, either you win or lose.”

Amidst the excitement, Dhanashree Verma, wife of Yuzvendra Chahal, shared a picture of all the wives of the Indian players beaming with pride as they celebrated the team’s victory. Anushka was seen posing with the group, exuding joy and support for the team.

The match itself was a nail-biting encounter, with India defending a low total against Pakistan. Captain Rohit Sharma entrusted Jasprit Bumrah with the crucial task of turning the game in India’s favor. Bumrah delivered under pressure, taking key wickets and ultimately leading India to victory.

Despite Pakistan’s strong start in their chase of India’s total of 119, Bumrah’s exceptional bowling performance turned the tide in India’s favor. He picked up crucial wickets, including that of Pakistan’s top-scorer, Mohammad Rizwan, helping India secure a hard-fought win by restricting Pakistan to 113-7 in 20 overs.

With this victory, India put Pakistan on the brink of a group-stage exit, enhancing their chances of progressing in the T20 World Cup. The match was a testament to the unpredictable and thrilling nature of cricket, showcasing the excitement and passion of the sport.

Overall, the game between India and Pakistan in New York was an intense and memorable affair, leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. Anushka Sharma’s emotional journey during the match captured the hearts of fans, highlighting the intense emotions involved in cricket battles between these two fierce competitors.

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