Hyundai Casper launch date in India, Hyundai Instar SUV details, 315km range, global debut on June 27

Hyundai has unveiled the new Inster e-SUV, based on the popular Casper model, with an impressive 315km range on a single charge. Set to debut at the Busan motor show in South Korea, the Inster will be Hyundai’s entry-level EV offering for now.

The teaser images show that the Inster will feature a longer wheelbase compared to the Casper, along with some design differences. It will also come equipped with the new Pixel lighting setup seen on the Ioniq 5, adding a modern touch to the overall design. The Inster will retain the round headlamp setup from the Casper but with some added tweaks and circular LED DRLs.

While specific details about the powertrain have yet to be released, Hyundai has confirmed the impressive 315km range for the Inster. The electric SUV is set to be showcased at the Busan International Motor Show 2024, with plans for a launch in Hyundai’s home country followed by Europe.

As for its arrival in India, details are still scarce. However, Hyundai is gearing up to start production of the Creta EV in India by the end of 2024, with plans to introduce five more EVs by 2030. These upcoming models will cater to various segments and body styles, including an SUV, sedan, and CUV.

With a strong focus on electric mobility, Hyundai is set to make a significant impact in the EV market with its lineup of innovative and sustainable vehicles.

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