Imran Khan happy spy series with Hotstar canceled: ‘Not interested in playing gun-toting characters’ | Bollywood

Actor Imran Khan is currently contemplating a return to acting, eagerly searching for the perfect project to mark his comeback. In a recent chat with Film Companion, Imran shared that a spy series he was set to star in with Disney+ Hotstar was unfortunately shelved, a decision that he surprisingly feels relieved about. The project, helmed by filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala, was scrapped following Hotstar’s acquisition by Jio last year, leaving Imran grateful for the change of plans.

Imran expressed his reluctance to portray characters that rely on guns to solve problems, highlighting his aversion to the glorification of violence in recent films. He critiqued the trend of depicting gore and violence without consequences, citing a disturbing trend of fetishizing violence in cinema that makes him uncomfortable. Drawing parallels to the portrayal of violence in Todd Phillips’ critically acclaimed film Joker, Imran emphasized the importance of showcasing the weight and impact of violent acts on screen.

The actor also raised concerns about the depiction of violence in modern Hindi movies, noting examples like Animal and Jawan that perpetuate a culture of glamorized and gratuitous violence. Despite being on a hiatus from the industry since his last film Katti Batti in 2015, Imran has been actively reading scripts in search of a project that resonates with him, yet to find one that captures his interest.

Imran’s candid revelations shed light on his apprehensions towards the glamorization of violence in cinema and his quest for meaningful and impactful roles that align with his values as an artist. As he navigates the realm of showbiz in search of the ideal project, Imran’s dedication to portraying depth and nuance in his characters sets him apart in an industry saturated with larger-than-life portrayals and sensationalized violence.

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