Kalyug actor Ssmilly Suri reveals Pooja Bhatt advised Mahesh Bhatt against casting her in films: ‘It was a difficult period’ | Bollywood.

Ssmilly Suri, known for her role in the Bollywood film Kalyug, recently opened up about her absence from the silver screen in a candid interview. She revealed that her uncle, acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, stopped offering her movies after Kalyug (2005) due to the influence of her cousin, Pooja Bhatt. Apparently, Pooja made the decision to drop Ssmilly from her first film, Holiday, causing a rift in their relationship.

During the difficult time when she was struggling to find work in the industry, Ssmilly faced immense shame and depression, especially from the media’s scrutiny. Despite the setback of being dropped from Holiday, Ssmilly found solace in the success of Kalyug and the support of her family. She mentioned how Mahesh Bhatt, despite his intentions, had to prioritize his daughter’s wishes over offering her more movies in the future.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Ssmilly shared, “That was her call. I actually made that project. I worked with choreographer Sandeep Soparkar. We did rehearsals. Dropping me was her decision, but I will say that I learned a lot while working on that film” for six months. The experience, although painful, taught her valuable lessons and shaped her perspective on the industry.

Ssmilly Suri made her debut in Bollywood with Kalyug, a film directed by her brother Mohit Suri. The action-thriller also starred her cousin Emraan Hashmi in a supporting role, marking a family collaboration on the big screen. Despite her initial success, Ssmilly chose to take a step back from the limelight after a few more projects and focused on her personal life, eventually getting married and later parting ways with her partner.

Recently, Ssmilly made her comeback with the film House of Lies, which premiered on Zee5. The actress appears to be ready to make her mark once again in the industry, showcasing her talent and resilience in the face of past challenges. Stay tuned for more updates on Ssmilly Suri’s journey in the world of entertainment.

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