Karisma Kapoor wows on magazine cover as she approaches her 50th birthday, fans praise her ‘timeless beauty’ | Bollywood.

Karisma Kapoor, at 49 years old, continues to mesmerize fans with her timeless beauty and impeccable fashion sense. The Bollywood actress recently graced the cover of Grazia magazine’s June issue, showcasing a different style that still exudes her signature charm.

In the photoshoot, Karisma can be seen sporting a pastel blue top paired with a beige trench coat and pleated pants, exuding a laid back yet chic vibe. Her hair is effortlessly styled, while her makeup features minimalistic touches with striking red lips and a rosy blush. Additional shots from the photoshoot capture Karisma in various easy-going outfits, including a blue tank top, coordinated shirt and shorts sets, and trendy leather loafers, showcasing her relaxed and fashionable aesthetic.

Fans and celebrities alike couldn’t help but gush over Karisma’s stunning new look. Renowned fashion designer-actor Masaba Gupta praised her as “the chicest,” while one fan labeled her a “timeless beauty.” As Karisma gears up to celebrate her 50th birthday on June 25, the adoration from her admirers continues to pour in, with many expressing their admiration for her ageless appeal and acting prowess.

In a candid interview featured in the magazine, Karisma opened up about her current sources of inspiration. She revealed, “I dress for myself. I don’t follow trends and brands and things. I’m just being myself. I dress for myself.” The actress also delved into her recent projects, mentioning her role in the Netflix murder mystery “Murder Mubarak” and hinting at her upcoming film “Brown,” which made its debut at the Berlin Film Festival.

Despite the mixed reception to her recent work, Karisma’s enduring charm and unmatched talent continue to captivate audiences both on-screen and off. As she embarks on her 50th birthday milestone, her influence in the world of entertainment remains as strong and inspiring as ever. Karisma Kapoor truly epitomizes the essence of a timeless beauty in Bollywood.

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