Kartik Aaryan on rising film cost debate: Only actors should not be in profitable zone, it’s wrong.

Recently, Kartik Aaryan has been on a whirlwind of a journey, with no time to rest. He shared, “I haven’t slept in four nights: I’ve been in different time zones after the launch of the Chandu Champion trailer in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) I was in London for an event, then in Mumbai, followed by Delhi, Dubai and now I’m back in Mumbai.” Despite his hectic schedule, the actor is focused on getting everything right before the release of his upcoming project.

His next venture is a biopic, marking a first in his career, centered around the life of freestyle swimmer Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medallist. Collaborating with filmmaker Kabir Khan for the first time, Kartik shared his excitement about the project, revealing that their initial meeting extended beyond expectations as they delved into Murli sir’s inspirational story.

In the past, Kartik Aaryan has made decisions that prioritize the well-being of the film over demanding a higher fee. For his 2023 film Shehzada, he chose to become a co-producer, taking a fee cut to help control the film’s budget. Amidst discussions surrounding the escalating costs of films due to extravagant fees and entourages, Kartik emphasizes the importance for actors to be involved in all aspects of the film, especially the budget.

Reflecting on his approach, Kartik stated, “My logic is you have to know the economics behind a film, if it’s going to be profitable. It won’t then everybody should chip in to try and make things work. It can’t be that only one person is in the profitable zone and nobody else is, that is wrong.” By taking a collaborative approach to ensure the success of the project, Kartik Aaryan sets a precedent for a more equitable and sustainable filmmaking ecosystem.

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