Kawasaki ZX-6R: Price, Features, Power, Design in India

The 2025 Kawasaki ZX-6R has been released with updated colour options, including the KRT Edition in Lime Green/Ebony/Pearl Blizzard White for a sporty look. In addition to the KRT Edition, the standard ZX-6R now comes in Pearl Robotic White/Metallic Graphite Gray and Metallic Matte Dark Gray/Ebony.

While the colours have been refreshed, the mechanical features of the ZX-6R remain the same. It is powered by a 636cc, inline-four-cylinder engine delivering 129hp at 13,000rpm and 69Nm at 11,000rpm with ram air. The bike is equipped with an aluminium perimeter frame and rides on 17-inch wheels with Showa suspension for a smooth and agile performance.

In India, the ZX-6R is currently available in Grey/Black and Lime Green/Black colour schemes, with the price now slightly increased to Rs 11.20 lakh (ex-showroom). It is uncertain whether the new 2025 colour options or the KRT Edition will be introduced in the Indian market. Fans of the ZX-6R can expect the same powerful performance and sleek design, now with fresh and vibrant colour choices.

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