Kohrra and Bhaiyya Ji star Suvinder Pal Vicky: Somewhere I knew I deserved something bigger and better.

Actor Suvinder Vicky has been making waves in the entertainment industry, particularly with his standout performance as sub-inspector Balbir Singh in the crime drama series Kohrra. Despite his sudden rise to fame, Vicky emphasizes that his journey to recognition has been a gradual process. He reflects, “Sometimes, artists like me who play supporting roles are noticed quickly, while lead actors may not receive the same level of fame they anticipate.”

Having been in the acting scene since 2001, Vicky reveals that it was only around 2014 that his career began to gain momentum. He shares, “I dedicated myself to acting, but I struggled to land significant roles in the initial stages of my career. Deep down, I knew I deserved bigger and better opportunities, but they simply weren’t coming my way.”

Prior to his breakthrough role in Kohrra, Vicky had already showcased his talent in projects like the web series CAT and a brief appearance in Paatal Lok. While the actor acknowledges the impact of OTT platforms in raising his profile, he credits his entire body of work for shaping his career.

When asked about his portrayal of a negative character in Bhaiyya Ji, Vicky expresses his penchant for portraying diverse roles. Drawing from his experience playing similar characters in Punjabi cinema, he embraces the challenge of delving into the complexities of human nature. Vicky is unafraid of being typecast, focusing instead on the artistic opportunities each role presents.

In the film Bhaiyya Ji, which marked Manoj Bajpayee’s 100th release, Vicky considers himself fortunate to share the screen with the veteran actor. He admires Bajpayee’s longevity in the industry and acknowledges the attention rightfully bestowed upon him. With humility, Vicky acknowledges his status as a newcomer in commercial cinema, expressing hope that one day he will reach similar milestones in his career.

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