Magnus Carlsen Clinches Sixth Victory, R Praggnanandhaa Takes Third Spot- Shocking Update!

R Praggnanandhaa finished third in the Open section of the 2024 Norway Chess tournament. R Vaishali and Koneru Humpy finished fourth and fifth in women’s section
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Magnus Carlsen clinched his sixth Norway Open title after beating Fabiano Caruana in the tiebreaker armageddon game. R Praggnanandhaa meanwhile produced a tense finish to hold out Hikaru Nakamura in the classical format. In the tiebreaker, the Indian won the armageddon game but it wasn’t enough to move himself up the standings after the final round.

Both Nakamura and Praggnanandhaa had entered the final round in must-win positions in their classical game to try and leapfrog Carlsen.

The Norwegian was done with his set of games and sat on the sidelines as the Indian and American Grandmasters battled it out. During the commentary, Carlsen noted, “I don’t love it!” with the nervousness building and called Praggnanandhaa’s attempt to play for a win “insane”. As the game finished in a draw, denying both players the full points, Carlsen was confirmed the champion.

The third game in the Open section, between Alireza Firouzja and Ding Liren, also ended in a draw, with the former winning the armageddon.

In the Women’s competition, Ju Wenjun scripted history as she clinched the title. She defeated her Chinese compatriot and the World Championship Challenger Lei Tingjie in a classical game.

In another game, Anna Muzychuk and Koneru Humpy drew, which meant that Muzychuk’s chances of winning the tournament disappeared. However, Muzychuk managed to win in the armageddon to finish second in the tournament.

The last game of the tournament was between R Vaishali and the Pia Cramling. While Vaishali obtained a winning position at one point, it was Cramling who was pushing for the win in the endgame. Eventually, the game ended in a draw. Vaishali went down in the tiebreak, finishing fourth in the tournament.

Final Standings of 2024 Norway Chess tournament:

1. Magnus Carlsen – 17.5 points
2. Hikaru Nakamura – 15.5 points
3. Praggnanandhaa R – 14.5 points
4. Alireza Firouzja – 13.5 points
5. Fabiano Caruana – 11.5 points
6. Ding Liren – 7 points

Final standings of 2024 Women’s Norway Chess:

1. Ju Wenjun – 19 points
2. Anna Muzychuk – 16 points
3. Lei Tingjie – 14.5 points
4. Vaishali R – 12.5 points
5. Koneru Humpy – 10 points
6. Pia Cramling – 8 points

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