Netflix Hierarchy fan reviews: ‘Wasted potential’; colossal disappointment falls far off OG K-drama goodness | Web Series.

In recent times, Netflix’s original K-dramas have been falling short of viewers’ expectations, drawing criticism for veering off from the authentic goodness of Korean dramas. One particular series that has received mixed reviews is ‘Hierarchy,’ touted as the Korean version of the popular Spanish series ‘Elite.’ Despite boasting an impressive cast and high production budget, the show failed to deliver on the essential elements needed to captivate audiences, leading to disappointment among K-drama fans.

Premiering on June 7, ‘Hierarchy’ introduced viewers to a world of scandal and secrets within the walls of South Korea’s most prestigious high school. The plot revolves around the arrival of a scholarship student who disrupts the existing hierarchy and uncovers the truth hidden by the privileged students. With a star-studded cast including Lee Chae Min, Roh Jeong Eui, Kim Jae Won, Ji Hye Won, and Lee Won Jung, the series seemed to draw inspiration from successful K-dramas like ‘The Glory’ and ‘SKY Castle.’ However, despite its visually appealing aesthetics, the show failed to resonate with fans, who criticized its lackluster storytelling and character development.

Social media was abuzz with reviews from both new and seasoned K-drama fans. While some praised the high-budget visuals and cinematography, others derided the show for its shallow and insincere attempt at showcasing a specific aesthetic. Amidst the criticisms, there were some positive remarks about the chemistry between certain actors, particularly Ji Hye Won and Lee Won Jung, who won over viewers with their performances as side characters.

As the first season concluded with unresolved plot points and cliffhangers, viewers were left wondering if a second season of ‘Hierarchy’ would be warranted. The online reactions ranged from disappointment over wasted potential to praise for standout performances by certain cast members. Ultimately, the consensus seemed to be that the series fell short of expectations, failing to live up to the standards set by its predecessors in the K-drama genre.

While ‘Hierarchy’ may have missed the mark with its inaugural season, some viewers expressed hope for improvement in potential future installments. However, the general sentiment remained one of dissatisfaction and longing for the authentic Korean drama experience that seemed to be lacking in the Netflix series. Whether or not ‘Hierarchy’ will be renewed for a second season remains uncertain, but for now, it seems that fans are divided on their opinions of this latest addition to the world of K-dramas.

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