OTT release: When and where to watch Vishwak Sen, Neha Sshetty, Anjali-starrer “Gangs of Godavari”.

The highly anticipated film Gangs of Godavari, directed by Krishna Chaitanya and starring Vishwak Sen, Neha Sshetty, and Anjali, hit theaters on May 31st to much fanfare. However, fans will be delighted to know that the film will also be available for streaming on Netflix just two weeks after its theatrical release.

A new trailer for Gangs of Godavari has been released by Netflix, showcasing the intense and gripping storyline of the film. The trailer teases viewers with glimpses of the protagonist Ratna (played by Vishwak Sen), a formidable politician who stops at nothing to achieve his goals. As the story unfolds, audiences will witness Ratna’s complicated relationships, his thirst for power, and the numerous enemies he encounters along the way. Set against the backdrop of the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, Gangs of Godavari promises to be a thrilling ride through decades of intrigue and drama.

While fans eagerly await the film’s arrival on Netflix on June 14, some movie buffs have expressed concerns about the growing trend of short theatrical windows for recent Telugu films. With films like Krishnamma and now Gangs of Godavari releasing on OTT platforms shortly after their theatrical debut, there is a fear that this trend may negatively impact theater attendance in the future. Disappointed fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts, questioning the need for extensive promotion and press events if the film is going to be available on streaming platforms so soon after its release.

Despite these concerns, Gangs of Godavari is poised to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline, stellar performances, and gripping direction. Whether you choose to watch it in theaters or on Netflix, this film is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers. So mark your calendars for June 14th and get ready to be swept away by the riveting world of Gangs of Godavari.

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