Pat Cummins surprises Hardik Pandya with story of losing middle finger in accident with sister

After the IPL 2024 match between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Monday, the two captains, Pat Cummins and Hardik Pandya, were seen chatting. Also present was MI batter Suryakumar Yadav, and it was apparent that they were discussing how the SRH skipper had lost his middle finger due to a mishap involving his sister.

Pat Cummins narrates how he lost part of middle finger
Pat Cummins narrates how he lost part of middle finger

In a viral video after Mumbai’s win against SRH, Hardik is seen approaching Cummins, who was talking to Suryakumar. Hardik points to his middle finger, and Cummins begins recalling the incident that left both Hardik and Suryakumar shocked.

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Cummins had shared this story back in 2011 in an interview with before his debut in South Africa. The accident occurred when he was three or four years old, his finger getting slammed by a door, resulting in the loss of the top portion of his finger. Despite this, it didn’t affect him as the length of his middle finger matched that of his index finger.

“I lost the top of my finger when I was about three or four (years old),” he had said. “It got slammed in a door and I lost about a centimetre off the top of my finger. It doesn’t really affect me because (the finger) is about the same length as the other one (index finger).”

The New South Welshman added, “I still get my sister in tears … (because) she slammed the door on it.”

Regarding the match, Mumbai’s win kept them in contention for the IPL 2024 playoffs, though with slim chances. This victory marked their fourth win of the season, elevating them to the ninth position in the points table. Meanwhile, SRH holds the fourth spot, tied with three other teams – CSK and LSG – on 12 points from 11 games.

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