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Blackout Review: A Disappointing Attempt at Storytelling

Director Devang Bhavsar’s film, Blackout, fails to impress with its lackluster storytelling and chaotic execution. Even the brilliance of Vikrant Massey cannot save this film from being a loud and humorless mess.

Blackout Story:

The movie takes place on a dark night in Pune, where a blackout plunges the city into darkness. Crime reporter Lenny D’Souza (played by Vikrant Massey) finds himself entangled in a series of bizarre events after his car collides with a van filled with cash, gold, and dead bodies. Along the way, he encounters a homeless alcoholic, Instagram-famous thieves, and a damsel in distress. However, the disjointed and nonsensical narrative fails to engage the audience.

Cliched Characters:

Blackout is marred by one-dimensional characters and a dull screenplay. From a crime reporter to a vengeful MLA, the film is filled with cliched stereotypes that add little depth to the story. Despite Vikrant Massey’s stellar performance, the film lacks substance and fails to make an impact.

Loud and Chaotic:

While the film starts off promisingly with some intriguing twists, it quickly devolves into a loud and chaotic mess. The non-linear narrative loses its way in the second half, leaving viewers feeling disconnected and uninterested. The overabundance of characters only adds to the confusion, with many of them serving little purpose to the overall story.

Missed Opportunities:

Despite its potential, Blackout falls short in delivering a cohesive and entertaining story. The lack of focus and depth in the screenplay leaves viewers feeling unsatisfied. Even the big reveal in the final act fails to make an impact, leaving audiences feeling underwhelmed.


In conclusion, Blackout is a forgettable film that fails to live up to its potential. While Vikrant Massey delivers a commendable performance, it is not enough to save this chaotic and humorless attempt at storytelling. Viewers are better off looking elsewhere for an engaging and well-crafted film experience.

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