Revolutionizing Threat Intelligence: Harnessing Gemini AI to Fortify Cybersecurity

Google is utilizing its Gemini AI for its cybersecurity-focused product called Google Threat Intelligence. The platform will also benefit from Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model, which will help in curating data and insights from the platform’s database
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Google has recently introduced a new cybersecurity-focused product named Google Threat Intelligence. This addition to the Google Cloud Security lineup is designed to assist cybersecurity professionals in gaining a better understanding of global threats.

By leveraging Google’s AI model Gemini along with insights from Mandiant and VirusTotal, two security-focused subsidiaries, the platform promises to offer valuable insights into threat intelligence.

Unveiled at the RCA conference in San Francisco, Google described Threat Intelligence as integrating Gemini, their AI-powered agent that enables conversational search through a vast repository of threat intelligence. This feature allows customers to acquire insights and enhance their protection against threats more efficiently than ever.

Google stressed that cybersecurity professionals face challenges in visibility of threats, requiring a comprehensive view of the landscape and significant time to collect and process data for actionable insights. Threat Intelligence aims to tackle these obstacles by utilizing Google’s extensive threat insight, including protecting billions of devices and email accounts from millions of phishing attempts daily.

In addition, Mandiant, renowned for incident response expertise, and VirusTotal, known for its crowdsourced malware database, contribute insights to the product.

The platform will also leverage Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model, which serves as a conversational chatbot to help in curating data and insights from the platform’s database.

According to Google, this enables customers to quickly condense large data sets, analyze suspicious files, and simplify manual threat intelligence tasks. The AI is even capable of reverse engineering malware, as demonstrated by its swift identification of a killswitch in the decompiled code of the WannaCry malware file in just 34 seconds.

Google Threat Intelligence is part of the Google Cloud Security portfolio, which includes offerings such as Google Security Operations, Mandiant Consulting, Security Command Center Enterprise, and Chrome Enterprise. Organizations interested in adopting the platform can contact Google for further details.


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