Sania Mirza open to playing herself in biopic with Akshay Kumar or Shah Rukh Khan as love interest | Web Series

Sports icon Sania Mirza, along with fellow athletes Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, and Sift Kaur, recently graced the stage of Netflix’s The Great Indian Kapil Show. During the show, they discussed the potential of a Bollywood biopic about Sania’s life, sparking an interesting conversation.

When asked about who she would like to portray her in a biopic, Sania humorously inquired if there were any Chopra sisters left to play her, referencing Priyanka Chopra playing Mary Kom and Parineeti Chopra portraying Saina Nehwal in their respective biopics. Sania expressed her openness to any talented actor taking on the role, hinting that she might even consider playing herself.

The conversation took an interesting turn when it was mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan had expressed interest in playing Sania’s love interest in a biopic. Despite her recent divorce from cricketer Shoaib Malik, Sania took the comment in stride and even playfully mentioned needing to find a new love interest before starring in a biopic. She further revealed that she would consider playing herself in the film if Shah Rukh Khan was involved and expressed a definite interest if Akshay Kumar was part of the project.

The show also delved into Sania’s fondness for Akshay Kumar, highlighting past instances of her admiration for the Bollywood star. From attending her sports matches to a virtual date during the pandemic, Sania has been vocal about her appreciation for Akshay over the years.

The mention of Sania’s divorce from Shoaib Malik added a poignant note to the conversation. After months of speculation, the couple’s separation was confirmed by Sania’s family in January 2024, emphasizing her commitment to keeping her personal life private while wishing her ex-husband well on his journey ahead.

Throughout the show, Sania’s wit and charm shone through, providing insights into her personal and professional life that captivated the audience. Her openness to sharing her experiences, coupled with her lighthearted banter with the host, made for an engaging and entertaining episode that left viewers eager for more.

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