Shobhaa De’s Unexpected Alliance with Kangana Ranaut: A Divisive Move or Bold Statement?

Popular columnist and novelist Shobhaa De has expressed her support for Kangana Ranaut, stating that ‘the attack must be questioned and condemned, regardless of the trigger or provocation.’
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In a surprising development, Kangana Ranaut was assaulted by a CISF constable named Kulwinder Kaur at the Chandigarh airport yesterday. The video of this incident quickly spread across social media platforms.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Kangana Ranaut posted a video disclosing that a female guard slapped her on the face and used abusive language. She stated, “When I questioned her, she mentioned her support for the farmers’ protest.”

Moreover, well-known columnist and novelist Shobhaa De has extended her support to the actress turned politician, affirming that ‘the attack should be scrutinized and disapproved, regardless of the cause or incitement.’

De took to Instagram and posted, “If @kanganaranaut was indeed slapped, pushed around, manhandled by a female constable at Chandigarh airport, the attack must be questioned and condemned, no matter what the trigger/provocation. It is unlawful – plain and simple. The constable had no right to bring her personal politics into play while on government duty. This is not a trivial issue. Assuming the account of what transpired is accurate, it is a violation. The constable stepped out of bounds. No justification, no rationalization. Sorry!”

However, social media users criticized De for her backing of Kangana. One user stated, “Where were you when this woman was disrespecting the women of farmers’ families. Her banishment from Twitter shows her disdain and disrespect for the farmers protest. Just observe how she brands every ordinary person from Punjab as a terrorist, who does her insidious comment refer to??” Another commented, “Where was this moral authority when Kangna was spewing hatred and having verbal diarrhea. This is genuine security.”

“Why do you want to overlook the government’s oppression of thousands of innocent farmers and their families who are demanding their rights on the streets, being brutally beaten and crushed,” expressed another social media user.

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