Shocking Allegations: ‘Heeramandi’ Actress Sanjeeda Shaikh’s Sister-in-Law Files Domestic Violence Case Against Her

Back in 2017, actress Sanjeeda Shaikh, last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Netflix’s ‘Heeramandi’, found herself in troubled waters.
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According to a report by Pune Mirror, Sheikh’s sister-in-law Zakerabanu Zakir Hussain Bagban had filed a case of domestic violence against the actress and her family — including Sheikh’s brother Anas Abdul Rahim Sheikh, and mother Anisha Sheikh.

22-years-old Zakerabanu, who was reportedly training at a make-up institute, alleged her in-laws yelled, abused and beat her up on 27 May, 20117 while she was on a call speaking to her father. After the entire incident, Zakerabanu left Mumbai and flew over to her parents in Ahmedabad. She was also reportedly admitted to a local hospital in Sarkhej Roza, following which she filed a FIR on 29 May at the local Sarkhej Police Station.

Soon after this, Sheikh’s family also filed a case countering the FIR claiming that Zakerabanu had issues at her own home (especially her father) who was very “orthodox” in contrast to the Sheikhs who were very “liberal”. That made it difficult for Zakerabanu to adjust in Mumbai. The case also stated that Sheikh was busy shooting for her TV show while all these events occurred.

On 30 August, the Ahmedabad High Court waived the service of the notice. Speaking to Mirror, Sheikh’s lawyer, Sunny Punamiya, said, “The Hon’ble Court has passed an order in favour of my client by stating that the investigating agency should not take any coercive steps against her. In other words, the Hon’ble Court accepted our submission that the FIR is baseless, bad in the jurisdiction and merely filed to harass my client.”

Shaikh is basking in the success of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi on Netflix. While talking to Hauterrfly, she spoke about being a single mother and separation from her husband and actor Aamir Ali.

Shaikh said, “I just tell everyone that a mother is a mother, single or not does not matter. My responsibilities won’t change. As a mother, what I have to do, I will do it.”

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