Shocking scenes as India suffers FIFA World Cup exit after controversial goal against Qatar

During the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier match between India and Qatar, a controversial moment marred the game as India suffered a heartbreaking 1-2 defeat, ending their World Cup dream. Lallianzuala Chhangte had given India the lead in the 37th minute, putting them on track for a historic victory. However, in the 73rd minute, a disputed goal by Yousef Aymen, where the ball had clearly gone out of play, leveled the score. Despite protests from the Indian team, the goal stood, and Qatar went on to claim victory with a second goal by Ahmed Al-Rawi in the 85th minute.

This incident sparked outrage among fans and pundits, with many condemning the “pathetic refereeing” that cost India a chance to progress to the next round of the qualifiers. The lack of VAR technology in the match further fueled the controversy, underscoring the need for better officiating in crucial games.

Despite the defeat, India’s performance against the Asian champions was commendable, especially coming just days after Sunil Chhetri’s retirement. Chhangte’s goal not only showcased his skill and determination but also made him India’s highest-scoring active player with 8 goals, a significant achievement in his career.

In the end, Qatar and Kuwait advanced to the next round of the qualifiers, while India’s exit left a bitter taste in the mouths of fans who believed in their team’s potential. The controversy and drama of the match only added to the competitive spirit of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, highlighting the passion and intensity of international football.

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